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Thursday, July 17, 2014

The "Nattar" and "Nadalvar" titles of the Great "Vanniya Kula Kshatriyas"

1. "Palli Pulipakka Nadalvan"

Inscription : A.R.E No.339 of 1908
King : Vikrama Chola
Year : 1128 A.D
Place : Thiruvadisulam, Chengalpattu Taluk, Kanchipuram District

2. "Palli Sripatha Nadalvan"

Inscription : A.R.E No.250 of 1922
King : Raja Raja Chola - II
Year : 1168 A.D
Place : Vayalakavoor, Uthiramerur Taluk, Kanchipuram District

3. "Pakkan Senni who was a son of Kuttan Pakkan (alias) Jayamkonda Chola Tunda Nadalvan, a palli of Karaikkadu"

Inscription : A.R.E No. 230 of 1928-29
King : Virarajendra Chola
Year : 1067 A.D
Place : Tiruvattatturai, Ariyalur District

4. "Nayan Tunda Nadalvan and his brother Kuttaperuman Arasur Nadalvan who had the kaval kani of Tirumalapadi sold their house site to an individual"

Inscription : A.R.E No.74 of 1895 and S.I.I Vol-V No.632
King : Kulotunga Chola - II
Year : 1212 A.D
Place : Tirumalapadi, Ariyalur District

5. "Sambuvar Kula Pathi Pan Nattar"

Inscription : A.R.E No.276 of 1934-44
King : Raja Raja Chola - III
Year : 1227 A.D
Place : Valikandapuram, Perambalur District

6. "Nerkuppai Nadalvan Gunamudaiyan and his son Adaippu Tirukkaratturai Udaiyan Kunra Muttaraiyan, who were pallis and had kaval kani of the temple, gave 96 sheep for a lamp"

Inscription : A.R.E No.69 of 1918
King : Pallava Kopperunjinga
Year : 1244 A.D
Place : Virudachalam, Kadalur District

7. "The record refers to a meeting of the 'Palli Nattar' in Ugalur. It mentions about the heroic activities of the soldiers of 'Palli caste'during the invasion of one Periya vadugan (Hoysala King) who carried away the idols of the local siva temple to Dwarasamudram which were brought back by the soldiers and in appreciation of their service Kulothunga Chola conferred certain special previleges and honours on the 'Palli Nattar', to be performed for them on festival occasion in the temple. The honours were tying a silk cloth turben (pattu pari vattam) on the Pannattar and showing of an insignia called 'Pannattan Tambiran Parichinnam and Vandan Devargal Devan'. 

The record also indicates the area in which the palli caste people settled as 'Palligal Nadu' which was bordered by Pachchaimalai in the east, Viranarayana Pereri in the west, the Pennai river on the north and the Kaveri river in the south. The record also mentions the contributions made by the Palligal of this area to celebrate the festival in the temple. The record also mentions about the names of the soldiers who took part in the above war and had kani in Aykudi, Tongapuram, Olaippadi and Kurukkai"

"Aykkudiyil Kani Udaiya Palligalil Ponnan (alias) Mudikonda Chola Muttaraiyan"

"Olaippadiyil Kani Udaiya Palligalil Kari tirichchan Vikrama Chola Muttaraiyan"

"Tongapurattil Kani Udaiya Palligalil Alagan Ambalavan Kulotunga Chola Muttaraiyan"

"Kurukkaiyil Kani Udaiya Palligalil Pandiyan Sokkan Maragada Chola Muttaraiyan"

Inscription : A.R.E No.35 of 1913
King : Maravarman Parakrama Pandiya - I
Year : 1339 A.D
Place : Aduturai, Kumbakkonam

(Pandiya honoured the descendants of the war heroes after 250 years is
significant in history)

Like that several inscriptions refers the great "Vanniya Kula Kshatriyar" as "Nattar" and "Nadalvar".

Thanks to : Murali naicker (vanniya naicker)