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Friday, May 22, 2015

சோழர்களின் விற்படை - வன்னியர்கள் - "Noboru Karashima" அறிக்கை - ஆடுதுறை கல்வெட்டு

சுமார் 100 கி.மீ பரப்பளவிற்கு அரியலூர் பகுதியில் சோழர்களின் வில் படையை நிர்மானித்தவர்கள் வன்னியர்கள் .

The scholar "Noboru Karashima" says about the "Aduturai Inscription" (A.R.E. No.35 of 1913) :-

"The Pannattar (also called Palli Nattar) from the Nadu and Nagaram of all Mandalams met at the garden called Periyanattan-Ka in a large assembly and decided to collect one panam (a coin) per bow held by members, etc, for worship in the local temple. The decision was made to revive an old arrangement made by their ancestors and recorded in an inscription of Vikrama Chola (1122 A.D).

According to that inscription a large assembly of the Palli Nattar, including all the Pallis living within the area bounded by the Pachchai hills in the west, the tank Viranarayana-Pereri in the east, the Pennai river in the north, and the Kaveri river in the south, had decided to contribute 50 Kasu and One Kuruni of rice from each family to the temple at Iraiyanpunchai Kurangadu(urai) on the happy occasion of the reconsecration of images recovered from Dorasamudram, the Hoysala capital where they had been taken during a Hoysala invasion. At that time the king also permitted them to carry their banner with the words Pannattar Tampiran (the god of Pannattar) on festival processions.

The Palli people described here composed the bowmen regiment of the Chola army and this regiment seems to have recovered the images by attacking the Hoysala capital under the command of Vikrama Chola. The area of their habitation defined in this inscription covers a hilly and dry area extending roughly a hundred kilometers from north to south and eighty kilometers from east to west in Tiruchirapalli and South Arcot Districts.